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Diana Park Hotel Nemi

Ristorante "Il Castagnone"

Benvenuti al Diana Park HotelNell’incomparabile cornice del lago di Nemi, a soli 30 km da Roma, in posizione panoramica, immerso nel verde del parco dei Castelli Romani sorge il Diana Park Hotel che deve il suo nome a Diana, Dea della caccia e protettrice dei boschi. Questo delizioso albergo a conduzione familiare è il luogo ideale per una vacanza di relax per rigenerarsi in un ambiente silenzioso e accogliente, in cui l'ospitalità cordiale e familiare vi farà sentire come a casa vostra.
Welcome to the Diana Park Hotel.
On the beautiful, green hills of Castelli Romani in a panoramic position faving the magnificient crater lake Nemi, just 30 miles from Rome, stands tall the Diana Park Hotel, which owes its name to Diana, goddess of hunting and protector of the woods.

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The Lake and surroundings

•THE LAKE: The panoramic "Via dei Laghi" runs like a balcony alongside of Albano lake and reaches Nemi lake towards meadow of strawberries and centuries-old chestnut trees. The beautiful view in this picture is taken from the top of "Monte Cavo".

Nemi is a lovely little town located on a rocky hill facing the lake with the same name. Its fame comes from the beautifil panorama and from the great variety of flowers and strawberries cultivated in the hothouses along the lake' shores. But the real treasure of the area is the enormous cultural heritage, rich of mythology, legends and archaeological evidences. Fairy tales which often hand down to deeper truth, Sallustio wrote: "These things have never happened but still exist". The story of the Roman Ships fits perfectly in this atmosphere: built by the Emperor Caligola (37-41 d.C.), during the Middle Ages they were objects of fantastic stories about great treasures hidden in their holds.Since the beginnig of their finding in 1928, it was clear that the ships were not warships but were used by the ancient Romans to celebrate the cult of Diana Nemorensis on the lake shores, as witnessed by the rich mosaics and forniture. Unfortunately in the night of May 31 1944 the ships were burnt, and in a few hours completely destroyed.

To make Genzano famous in the world, beside its centuries-old history, is an ancient festival realised thanks to the wits and devotion of its people: the Infiorata (Flowers Festival). The festival has been celebrated every year in June on the occasion of the Corpus Domini, since 1778. A street is diveded in 13 floreal carpets, each one is assigned to a master. These masters are citizens of Genzano, who are the depositories of the art of "painting with flowers", from long tradition.


Ariccia, on the first Sunday of September, ROASTED PIGLET FAIR
Castelgandolfo, on the third Sunday of August, PEACH FAIR , exhibition and tasting of peaches
Genzano, Corpus Domini festivity , INFIORATA , traditional and folkloristic flowers carpets
Nemi, on the first Sunday of June, STRAWBERRIES FAIR and flowers exhibition in the rooms of Ruspoli Palace
Rocca di Papa, on the third Sunday of October, MUSHROOMS and CHESTNUTS FAIR
Marino, on the third Sunday of September, GRAPE FAIR
Lanuvio, on the forth Sunday of September, GRAPE FAIR